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technologies to treat conditions with currently inadequate therapies


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Looking for raising Series A to finance manufacturing, regulatory requirements for veterinary product and continued development of pipeline programs


PolyZen™ injectable hydrogel technology was licensed from McMaster University on a world-wide exclusive basis for the skeletal & peripheral nervous system

Our Offering -PolyZen™

An injectable hydrogel technology for the immediate management of the joint pain associated with osteoarthritis & future applications in spinal cord injury treatment, and other regenerative medicine applications


Strong Leadership Team

Ali Riazi, PhD

Director & Co-founder

Meryl Kaye De Leon

Executive Advisor

Todd Hoare, PhD

Scientific Advisor


All things PolyZen™

Find out more about PolyZen™ and its uses.

Degradation of cartilage and synovial fluid in the joints that prevents friction between the bones leading to constant pain & limited joint movement. Over 242M people are currently living with symptomatic and activity-limiting osteoarthritis (OA).

Current treatment options are inadequate:

  • Pain medication – only provides temporary pain management
  • Orthotics/Knee braces – discomfort & mixed results
  • Total joint replacement – invasive, costly and an end of the line necessity
  • Viscosupplementation (Intra-articular injections) – effective but degrades quickly

PolyZen™ is a zwitterionic in situ gelling hydrogel.

  • The zwitterionic component provides excellent antifouling properties that lead to high lubrication that mimics native and healthy synovial fluid
  • The in-situ gelling mechanism allows us to tailor physiochemical properties such as degradation rate and compressive strength
  • This combination of properties allows for both lubrication and mechanical support that is otherwise unavailable in a single package

Synovial Fluid

PolyZen™ exhibits the same fluid properties as healthy and natural synovial fluid & provides lubrication even under severe OA simulations.

Tunable viscosity to match synovial fluid viscosity ranges

Significantly better lubrication than leading hyaluronic acid-based viscosupplements


The elasticity of PolyZen™ hydrogels can be customized to levels closer to the human cartilage compared to the HA-based hydrogels


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